Fuel Dump Done Wrong

On Tuesday morning, January 15 , 2020 Delta Flight 89 was instructed to do an emergency landing and had to dump its fuel. There were at least six schools in the path of the fuel dropping. At least sixty people were treated: twenty were children and eleven were adults, thankfully the people who needed treatment did not have to go to the hospital and could be treated at the scene. The schools involved were Gabriel Elementary, Graham Elementary, Tweedy Elementary, 93rd Street Elementary, Jordan High School, and Park Avenue Elementary according to the LA Times . The Los Angeles Fire Department said the fuel had fallen over a playground as well. In an article written by the npr they said, “When fuel is dumped, it is supposed to be over “designated un-populated areas,”” yet the pilot dropped the fuel over schools and a playground leaving children and adults with respiratory problems and severe skin irritation. Six people who attend Tweedy Elementary, six people at San Gabriel Elementary in South Gate, and one adult at Graham Elementary school were affected, but all are recovering.