Theater Query

The Golden Valley Theatre Guild, has been working on their new musical: “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” based on the book by Victor Hugo and the animated movie made by Disney. After auditions and weeks of rehearsal, some of the cast members, as well as the crew, have taken the time to shed some insight on what they’re feeling about the musical, and what they’re doing to improve.

Sophia Fayne, a sophomore crew member, stated, “My goals are just to be as prepared as possible and tell the cast as much as I can, so whenever they need, like, a line or directions, or where to go, then I wanna be there and help them. My favorite song is probably just the opening, because it’s setting up the whole story and we’re meeting all the interesting and cool characters. It’s also a very hard piece and it’s also technical. It’s beautiful. I’m not nervous now, but once we get into tech rehearsal, I’m sure there’s always going to be these little things, like I hope this goes right or- there’s always these little technical parts, so yeah, that can make me nervous.

“I don’t think there’s any very complex theatre terminology, like, stage left is the opposite than how it’s right- they’re the same, but it’s like a different point of view. There’s not really any hard terminology- it’s just like, basic facts.”

The twirling, the singing, the acting, and interesting wordplay is all what makes the theatre program what it is. Thanks for reading this issue of Theatre Query.