Theater Query – More on the Hunchback of Notre dame

Theater Query - More on the Hunchback of Notre dame

Taryn Moran, a senior at GVHS, is playing as Esmeralda in the school’s musical production of “the Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Out of curiosity about how she addresses her character, the Grizzly Growler asked Taryn Moran to respond to the Theatre Query…

What are some goals you are setting for yourself until the show days?

“For myself? I think just fully taking my character and making it my own and really feeling – putting myself into their shoes, and really becoming that character than rather playing the part.”


At first glance, what is something you already like/relate to with your character?

“With my character I really enjoy how bold she is. She’s really just fearless and isn’t afraid to break the rules to stand up for what she believes to help the people that she cares about the most. And, I really admire that about her.”


Favorite song? Why is it? Any reason?

“I really like “Some Day,” because it’s just a really touching duet that’s towards the end of the show. It shows these two love interests and how they know that it’s their last time to be together. It’s just really touching, and it’s a beautifully written piece; it’s just lovely.”


How did you feel when you found out you made the part?

“Ecstatic, I guess. This is my first lead, I guess, in a show that I’ve done. I was just really excited because when I first found out what the show was going to be, I did all my research: I watched the movie and I watched the bootleg on youtube. And, I just fell in love with the character. I really just aspire to be her and I wanted to have my own take on that character.”


The show won’t be until a couple of months, but it could still be so nerve racking, are you nervous for the show nights?

“One hundred percent, yes. I have a lot of family coming, and just people that I don’t want to let down, and the other people in my cast as well. I mean, it’s always nerve racking getting up on the stage, but, this one is especially for me.”


What is the most interesting theatre terminology that you did not know prior to coming to theatre?

“I really like a lot of the stuff: the names that we have for so many things are just so weird. One thing that I just really like is when we have these queues for them to call us to places. They’ll say “places in fifteen,” and we respond “thank you fifteen.” If we don’t respond with that, they get annoyed at us and they will yell at us. Then they say, “You have to say it back, or else we won’t know if you got it,” It’s just really funny.”


And that’s it for this time of the theatre query, stay noticed until the shows days of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.