Are There Two Sides To Every Gemini?

There are those who may be extroverts and there are those who may be introverts. For geminis though… could there really be two sides to them? Born between May and June, famous geminis are John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, and Donald Trump. Geminis are versatile, clever, and intellectual with a knack for saying what’s on their minds. This would explain why it is so common to see them always chatting with friends and family because geminis love to share what is going on in their world whether it is about the weather or gossip heard in class. The zodiac twins also happen to be the most honest of all the signs, which is no exaggeration. They always tell the truth even if the truth may hurt.
This brings up what fellow senior Chloe Bigrigg said, “I’m blunt and if I don’t like you, I’ll tell you I don’t like you.” To have someone toxic in one’s life can lead to misery, but to have a gemini can lead to character building though the honesty of their statements. Now I know there are those who are going to disagree with me. Engineer Melennie Dejesus denies that there are two sides of herself by stating, “What you see is what you get.” However, it is also okay if geminis can like chocolate ice cream one second and vanilla the next. We all go through the torment of figuring out what flavor we want at Baskin Robbins or 31 Flavors. When two things are combined, it can be a good thing.
For instance, without blue and red together purple would not have even been born. The same goes for geminis! One side does not complete them without the other. Bigrigg stated, “I have a quiet and shy side when I’m in class or meeting someone I don’t know. I also have a loud, social side with friends and family.” Without some sort of balance we would lose what makes us special; this is especially true for geminis.
In conclusion, there may be two sides to every gemini. Don’t be afraid to get to know and befriend one; they are made for communication!