Ms. Ryan


Brigid Ryan is the newest addition to the Language Department here at Golden Valley. She teaches American Sign Language. This is her fifteenth year teaching and her first year at GV.
The walls of her classroom are littered with past assignments from students, a board where questions about the deaf community can be written down, and an area displaying news in the deaf community. However, the most prominent features in her room are the mats by the front door displaying the word “Welcome” in both English and American Sign Language and the mat in front of the board that depicts the alphabet and numeric systems in American Sign Language.
According to Ms. Ryan, her favorite part of teaching is “…inspiring kids. I teach American Sign Language, so I love getting them excited about deaf culture and the deaf community, and I think that I can be a person that they can come talk to if they feel like they need that extra support.” After a breath of thought and a laugh, she concludes that her least favorite part of teaching is “The grading. I guess. Grading homework.” As for her favorite topic to teach, after a moment of thought explained, “I love teaching about the comparisons between the deaf and the hearing world and pointing out our similarities within our differences.”
Concerning her weekends, Ms. Ryan said, “I like to go to dinner with my fiancé and I love going to the movies.” In regards to travel, nearly without hesitation, she explained how she wants to go to “Ireland. My number one is Ireland. I’m Irish and I’ve never been and I want to bring my father’s ashes there because he never made it there. So that’d be pretty cool.”
When asked about her hobbies, Ms. Ryan states, “I love creating things. I’m an artist on the side, so I feel like it’s my outlet away from teaching. It’s a way for me to share myself.”
She took a moment to consider any unusual abilities before concluding, “Other than sign language, being able to communicate with no voice? I can knit and crochet.”
Ms. Ryan said that she would like to tell the student body, “Don’t be afraid to try something new. I wish that I had tried different things in high school, like try out for the volleyball team or trying out for basketball, things like that. You only get one life, so try new things, have fun, make new friends. Just live your life as much as you can.”