Senior Night for the Lady Grizzlies


The season has now come to a close for the Lady Grizzlies Soccer team. Overall, the girls managed to improve their stats from last season when they ended with a 10 loss streak to 8 losses and 2 ties this season. Unfortunately, for their last game, the girls fell to West Ranch (4-0) allowing West Ranch to secure a playoff spot.
Starting off this game with the same 4-3-3 formation they had played in the games previous to West Ranch, they employed one difference; Coach Freddy Wheeler allowed for several Seniors to start off the game with the first string players to make for a high energy match in the first few minutes of the game.
Matching this energy, West Ranch came onto the field strong and fast. The team was looking to win this match fast in order to secure their spot in the play offs along with Hart. West Ranch managed to score three goals in the first half of the game. After half time, Golden Valley managed to adjust to West Ranch’s strategy allowing only one goal to get passed the defense and into the goal.
With the last whistle from the referee came the ending for Seniors Anahi Gomez, Katelyne Aguilar, Beanie Hundelt, Mayra Ramirez, Nikki Merino, Bella Montiforte, Maya Morales, and Nataly Morales. Senior Night took place once the game was over.
The Varsity team stood on the left and right side of the group of Seniors as they walked down the field with their families by their sides. As each Senior walked, her name was said along with the number of years she had played and her favorite memory from her time with the team.
By the end, all the girls were teary eyed while expressing their thanks to Coach Freddy and fellow teammates, taking photos with their arms full of flowers and posters. To the Seniors, good luck with the next chapter of your lives.