Are all Cancers shy?


It is easy to tell whether a person is shy or not: we can tell when they are young children by those who typically mumbles or who chooses not to speak up without turning beet red when attention is on them. In high-school, being shy seems like a curse as everyone is constantly judging what others think of them. Don’t deny it! We all go through that fear and overly critical self examination. For instance, we make sure our appearance is acceptable before going out; we might not ask questions in class because we’re afraid we might sound like idiots.
Even ordering food on the phone without stuttering or just hanging up is a challenge for both teens and adults. What I’m saying must sound very familiar to the crabs of the zodiac. Are all of them more free to be themselves when no one is around? Are all of them shy?!
Cancers are loyal, very observant, and caring individuals. These summertime crabs are born between June and July. They are much more than what meets the eye because they are full of fidelity and compassion that can fill an entire ocean.
Yes, cancers can be moody at times, but what they need to know is that they are human beings too who need to put themselves first before others. Tania Rodriguez, a senior born on July 2, said, “Yes. Yeah, I’ve always been since I was a little kid. I’m slowly getting out of my shell.”
When we get up ready for another day, there is always that moment of “Do I look okay?” whether we pass by a crush or are about to go on a job interview. There is also that moment of “We’re doing presentations next week” when the pit in our stomachs grows deeper and deeper into an abyss. It is the fear that consumes us as we are thinking about the purpose of presentations: will require being in a group or doing it all alone? and if it were a good idea to skip that day.
For Cancers though, it is perhaps their intuitive side hinting that expressing themselves can lead to heartbreak and judgement. The 14th Dalai Lama, Lhamo Thondup, born on July 6, has been quoted saying, “Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.” As a Buddhist monk, he has been known for his incredible compassion and humanitarianism. This can make one think that the Dalai Lama is not an energized and really social individual. But over time, those who identify as “introverts” discover that it does not matter what others think, but what we think about us that does.
To every shy student, Cancer or not at GV, don’t be scared to come out of the shell. We all will at one point in our lives. We should not think our voices are not worth being heard. Even if we do have a voice and are unsure about what to say: Just say it! Ask that confusing question in math because chances are there is someone else who doesn’t get it either. Ask that girl or guy to prom because he or she is probably just as scared to ask. Life is too short to stay quiet forever and not express ourselves. Everyone has opinions, beliefs, and issues, even Cancers. But really they don’t have to be so shy. We all just have to be understanding and respectful. That’s all.