Weathering with You


“Weathering with You,” is an animated Japanese film released January 17, 2020 in the USA (July 19, 2019 in Japan) directed and written by Makoto Shinkai who also directed “Your Name,” which was released in 2016. This natural disaster-centered, romance film presents a rain-stricken world with messages chock-full of dreams and longing. It goes into particular depth about whether optimal convenience is truly worth the price. The story takes place in the Kanto region of Japan and focuses on the two teenage protagonists, Hodaka Morishima, a runaway, and Hina Amano who is dubbed as the ‘sunshine girl’ in this abnormal prefecture of Japan.
Following the 2016 hit, “Your Name,” expectations for “Weathering with You” were dauntingly high. In response to this pressure to match or exceed the previous work, Shinkai delivered a beautifully animated piece that emotionally revealed just what power, love, and determination could demonstrate if they are pursued. Interestingly enough, the romance and the main storyline of the animation remained in balance with each other with no element overshadowing the other. The art was astoundingly realistic and sharp animation indicated the high-quality art that went into creating this work. Despite its realistic quality, the animation still retained the same classic 2D charm as an original animated film; this was especially evident in the character designs.
The official soundtrack for the film,“Grand Escape,” is something that complements the ethereal and mythical elements of the movie amazingly well. “Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do?” by RADWIMPS is a wonderful track from the movie that evokes sentiment from the audience, most especially during the romantic aspects of the film.

One of the most remarkable elements of this movie was how realistically the story flowed despite the fictitious elements. The characters endured and persevered because it was part of living life. This can be viewed as the characters extending an empathetic hand to the audience as a sign of understanding the difficulties of life. This movie is unique with interesting fictitious elements that anyone could easily sit through and enjoy.