Golden Valley Track Team – Pre-Season


Head Track Coach Lonnie Davis believes that this season will be very successful and competitive, based on how the pre-season is going. Coach Lonnie expects the season to be full of excitement and serious competition. He also expects both boys and girls to compete for the championship in the Foothill League, as well as at the division level, and the state level. The key to a successful pre-season is to keep everyone healthy, injury free, and focused on competing in the Foothill League championship.
Tyler Walker, Alec Walker, Kevin Muñoz, and Max Gabriel are some of the seniors who are expected to perform well this upcoming season. Although it was difficult for Lonnie to pick just a few students, eleventh graders that stand out to him are Antonio Abrego, Kienan Donavan, Tylar Gallien, Jalen Davis, Jasmine Lewis, and Iman Homes. In the sophmore class, Eli Ellis is expected to perform well. And lastly, in the freshman class, TJ Fann, Kylee Davidson, Nevaeh Williams are expected to perform well. Neveah Williams is one of the few freshman on the varsity team. According to Lonnie, this may be Golden Valley’s best year yet.
“How have we prepared for the season? We worked on getting stronger, faster, and mentally focused on our approach to the whole season.” This season will differ from other seasons because the team has more depth and the expectations are higher coming off of a winning season. The Golden Valley track team is known to be competitive in all the events, but the team is expected to excel in the 800 meters and in the hurdles.
Coach Lonnie is very excited for the program and the direction it’s going in. This season’s model is ‘2020 Vision’. The first meet will be held at Canyon High, Saturday the 29th of February.