Harry Styles Speaks Out on Robbery

On February 14th, 2020 Harry styles was approached at knifepoint and was robbed. He handed money over to the mysterious robber and managed to keep himself and the robber calm during the whole interaction. No one was injured. It has been two weeks since the encounter and he has come out to make a statement about the robbery.
Although, the robbery was not the only thing Harry needed to push through, he was also mourning the death of his ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack; even wearing a black ribbon pinned to his suit at the BRIT awards, which is typically used to show a person in mourning. He is in much higher spirits though; during an interview with NBC’s Today Show saying, “I’m okay, thanks, thank you. Thanks for asking.”
Harry Styles has confirmed that not only was he robbed by one person, but a group of people of a number he can not recall. They were all smoking marijuana. One of the perpetrators was following Harry down the street, cornered him, and the rest of the group approached him. They circled around him asking him if he had money or a phone on him and if he had a phone to unlock it and hand it over. Cars were passing by so Harry found a way to get out and run into the street to stop some cars hoping to get a ride for escape. Although no cars opened their doors to him, it put enough distance between him and the group for him to run home and contact the police. He also discussed his frustrations of the false information which came out immediately after the incident on Valentines Day, saying that the publications of that incident were all false.