Mr. Steed


Nicholas Steed is an English teacher at Golden Valley High School. He teaches 12th grade English, the Expository Reading and Writing Class (ERWC), and the Journalism class, where he serves as the Editor in Chief of the Golden Valley High School newspaper titled The Grizzly Growler. This is his fourteenth year teaching and his fourth year teaching at Golden Valley.
Mr. Steed’s classroom is a treasure hunt of all things nerdy. On the surface, his classroom looks average with a board and desks and posters. However, when one looks closer, they cannot help but notice certain aspects of it. Across the classroom lies a child’s tent in the shape of the Tardis from the show Doctor Who. Behind his board lie hundreds of Disney action figures and several of his past student’s projects. Finally, outlining the walls of his room are pictures of some of the most illustrious authors throughout time.
According to Mr. Steed, his favorite part of teaching is “…the interaction that takes place in class between me, the students, and the text. It is rather a magical thing to see a piece of literature come alive for someone, even more so for an entire room full of people. I also love it when I see people succeed finding for themselves both joy and fulfillment.” After some thought, he said his least favorite part of teaching is “… having to deal with rude behavior and those who display a wanton disregard for the feelings and work of others.” His favorite topic to teach is “Stories – I love a good story. To me a good story has characters who intrigue me and who are fully fleshed human beings with a heroic self-sacrificing streak a mile wide.”
Concerning his weekends, Mr. Steed explained “My weekends are not usually typical. I might clean house. I might go to the temple. I usually go to church. I like to keep them as open as possible to do what my wife wishes. She works such long hard hours during the week. I want the weekends to be for her.” If he could travel anywhere, he would want to travel back to “London, England … the one place I could go to again. Usually, once I have been somewhere that is enough. But, London is a place where just being there is magical. I love that feeling of having it all around me.”
When asked about his favorite hobbies, Mr. Steed said “I love to read. That is rather obvious given my profession. I also love to travel to see the world I know from books in three dimensional space. But, my most engaging hobby is running. It is my escape and my method of charging my batteries.”
As for any unusual abilities he may have, Mr. Steed stated, point-blank, “I have no unusual abilities.”
Mr. Steed said that he would like to tell the student body to “Enjoy your lives. Make memories worth recalling. Avoid doing things that bring regret and sorrow. Spend your time making others happy. You do not have to succeed all at once. Failure is not fatal.”