Eric Harris

Eric Harris

On March 14, Golden Valley’s assistant football coach and world history teacher, Eric Harris, passed away due to toxic shock syndrome. Coach Harris was a loving father, husband, coach, and teacher. He was Golden Valley’s teacher of the year in 2018.

Mr. Harris was a father to three children: Michael is nine years old, Grace is seven years old, and Claire is one year old. Many have said that he was a great history teacher who made the class feel like an environment in which students were happy to learn. On the football field, instructing the players, he treated each and every player as if they were his family.

Varsity football player and senior, Lendale Cervantes, said “He was just an overall amazing person not because he was my teacher and coach, but because he was an even better father and husband.”

The impact that Coach Harris made in people’s lives can never be forgotten. “I miss him so much and he’s impacted me so much. He’s taught me what a great father looks like and to never complain about anything no matter what,” said Austin Garcia who is also a varsity football player and senior.

Golden Valley will miss the presence of Eric Harris on campus. We will forever remember how he impacted the students throughout his years at Golden Valley.