Theater Query – Luis De Los Reyes Mendoza

Today’s questionnaire is with one of the main characters in the cast: Frolo the priest, played by Luis De Los Reyes Mendoza, a senior here at Golden Valley. This series of questions pertains to his thoughts about the play and his take on the cast’s experience at Shakesfest, which is a children’s theatre festival held at College of the Canyons.

Summarize what happened in your own words

“Essentially, we went to show off the scenes that we’ve been working on. We did really well and won nine awards: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Connection in a Duet, Best Ensemble, Best Supporting Actor, and more.”

Is it your first time coming to the festival?

“No, this is my second time going to shakesfest [”Shakesfest= children’s theatre”]

If the play happened right at this moment do you think you’d be ready?

“No, there are a lot of heavy vocal things I want to improve along with connecting to my character a little more, so, no I wouldn’t be ready.”

Anything you’d say you’re not very confident about?

“A lot, it’ll all come to me with practice and rehearsals. We will improve as well as a whole cast.”

What is your favorite part of the musical that you love doing or absolutely cannot wait to show off

“I don’t want to sound arrogant and say Hellfire, so I’ll say “Out There” which is sung by Quasimodo, who is portrayed by Andrew Cunado, a junior in the cast.”

These questions of course were asked before the online schooling situation and due to the recent changes, the show dates have also changed too. The original dates were April 29, April 30, and May 1, but due to the quarantine, the dates are still in question.