Is Rihanna returning to music ?


On the 27th of March, Rihanna made her first music feature on Partynextdoor’s new album PARTYMOBILE. She appears in his song “Believe It.” The track marks Rihanna’s first musical feature in nearly three years as the songstress turned business mogul has been focusing on her fashion and beauty endeavors.
Though this isn’t quite the full Rihanna album for which her fans have been waiting, “Believe it” is still worth celebrating. Rihanna’s last album Anti was her eighth album, which was released in 2016. She then proceeded to do a few collaborations.
As fans await her ninth album, “Believe it” is her latest collaboration. Her newest album was expected to have been released in 2019, but it was not. Rihanna definitely teased that an upcoming album is in the works. However, there is no specific released date. In the meantime, she’ll hold us over with “Believe It.” Whenever she chooses to release a new album, it is going to be exciting to listen to her talented voice again.