2019 – 2020

2019 - 2020

For the Santa Clarita Valley, this school year has been one for the books. Many traumas have occurred within the years of 2019 to 2020. First the Santa Clarita Valley lit up in flames in the middle of October, second a shooting took place at Saugus High school, and third, the most recent of the events, the covid-19 pandemic.

Through all the struggles though, we have become a stronger community. During the fires that turned our once blue skies dark orange, our community opened check in stations for families, and the schools in the valley closed for a few days to keep their students in good health. These fires were not big enough to take down our city.

In the mourning of the school shooting, the Santa Clarita valley came together to remember the lives of those who were lost. A once distant town was brought together by this trauma. The hashtag ”saugusstrong” spread throughout social media and news outlets. A unity of the members of the community was built, and has not been lost. Stickers which read “Saugus Strong” were sold, and t-shirts were given out that read the same.

Lastly, the covid-10 pandemic struck our town, which has led to the closures of all schools in the Hart District until May 5. 36 confirmed cases in our valley. Stores that are considered not essential have been closed until further notice, and the only stores open are restaurants, fast food joints, and grocery stores. Through all these hardships, we have not only overcome them, but we are gaining strength throughout this time. We are Santa Clarita Strong.