21 Things to do While Trapped Inside


During the CoronaVirus Pandemic, schools are closing and parents are working from home. Seeing as we are social creatures, we crave attention and interaction; therefore, it is disappointing to have to stay inside away from contact.

Still, there is plenty to do while inside our four walls: from book reading to sewing, time at home can be both entertaining and possibly productive. For the benefit of those who need a few ideas for activities that can occupy the mind and the hands:

1. Complete a puzzle: The more pieces the better! No matter how time consuming it can be, puzzles can also work the mind when boredom attacks.

2. Work on a Rubik’s Cube: Although it can count as a form of puzzle, it may seem more entertaining to make a competition of it.

3. Start a journal or blog: it can be about the Virus or simply about your interests!

4. Write poetry: from acrostics to haikus, it can be for Mother’s Day or a special someone.

5. Download Duolingo: the app for language learning can be for Spanish class or a personal goal!

6. Write thank you notes to family and friends: it can be a great way to pass the time while being somewhat productive…

7. Organize your tupperware cabinet: it’d be a lie to say that most places of plastic container storage are kept tidy after a few months or years!

8. Organize/ Go through all your clothes: try them all on to determine whether they “spark joy” á la Marie Kondo!

9. Bake cakes and brownies: set those boxes of mix to good use.

10. Watch films: Whether with friends or family, movie watching is common entertainment.

11. Will Tom Hanks into recovery by binge watching every Tom Hanks film chronologically…

12. Knit or crochet or sew: try that new design that you’ve been dying to try

13. Chat and catch up with friends: use Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts to video chat.

14. Draw: try out some self-portraits or still life.

15. Indoor camping: clear out the living room and get comfortable with blankets, pillow, and popcorn.

16. Build a fort: there’s no fun like building a fort out of blankets, sheets, and Christmas lights. Then, have a few nights of movies and binge watching!

17. Home repairs: find a hammer and some screws and finally get around to fixing that one door knob or loose handle.

18. Clean up your phone or laptop: go through your camera roll or files to get rid of unnecessary clutter.

19. Change up your look: an easy way to do would be to dye your hair or cut your own bangs!

20. Spend some quality time with your pet: while stuck at home, might as well give your dog or cat some extra belly rubs.

21. Get sleep: lots of it!

Despite the daily task of boredom, there is always a way to get moving, or not, when stuck at home. To accompany the above list, make sure to stay healthy and productive in these troubling times.