Theater Query – Sophia Fayne

Theater Query - Sophia Fayne

What follows is Theatre Query’s series of questions with Sophia Fayne, a sophmore, and cast member of the Hunchback of Notre Dame musical, before the initial closure of the school.

Growler: What are some goals you are setting for yourself until the show days?
Sophia: I think my goals are just to be prepared as possible and tell the cast as much as I can, so whenever they need, like, a line or directions, or where to go, um, then I wanna be there and help them

Growler: Do you have a Favorite song, why is it? Any reason?
Sophia: My favorite song is probably just the opening because it’s setting up the whole story and we’re meeting all the interesting and cool characters. It’s also a very hard piece and it’s also technical. It’s beautiful.

Growler: The show won’t be until a couple of months, but it could still be so nerve racking, are you nervous for the show nights?
Sophia: Right now, I’m not nervous but once we get into tech rehearsal, I’m sure there’s always going to be these little things, like I hope this goes right or- there’s always these little technical parts, so yeah.

Growler: What is the most interesting theatre terminology with which you were unfamiliar until this production?
Sophia: I don’t think there’s any very complex theatre terminology, like, stage left, like opposite than how it’s right- they’re the same, but it’s like a different point of view. There’s not really any hard terminology- it’s just basic facts.