Mr. Stimac


Joshua Stimac is an Economics teacher at Golden Valley High School. He teaches Advanced Placement Economics and Economics to the Seniors. He is also the head coach for the Girls and Boys tennis teams. This is his twenty third year teaching and his eleventh year teaching at GV.
The walls of his classroom are lined with posters, most of which are economics related. However, he has a few prints of credited drawings and paintings from famous artists. His back wall also prominently features an American Flag.
According to Mr. Stimac, his favorite part of teaching is “…being around people and I love the subjects that I study, and teaching, as a profession, is a perfect combination of great ideas and people. It is especially rewarding when my students are inquisitive.” As for his least favorite part of teaching, “I don’t like ‘meetings.’ Sometimes I feel like we have meetings just to determine when our next meeting is!” He said that his favorite topic to teach is “…Economics, but honestly, I love the humanities in general.”
Concerning his weekends, Mr. Stimac explained, “My wife and I have been blessed with 6 children, so my typical (non-quarantine) weekend usually involves me going to one or more soccer games and/or track meets followed by teaching about 4 hours of private tennis lessons on a Saturday. We have family-movie night on Saturday evening. On Sunday I go to church and have lunch with my family, and then I teach about 5 hours of tennis lessons in the afternoon.” In regards to travel, he said, “I have done a fair amount of traveling in my life, but I still haven’t been to Israel and the Maldives. Israel has amazing history; the Maldives looks like a good place to unwind.”
When asked about his favorite hobbies, he said, “I love tennis. I have played since I was 10.” As for any unusual abilities he jokingly explained how “I can cry on command. You should see me get out of traffic tickets. Just kidding, I have no unusual abilities. I have lots of dad jokes.”
Mr. Stimac said that he would encourage all students to “Pursue your studies with passion and not just for a letter grade. Any animal can jump through hoops for a treat if you train it long enough, but only humans can do things with passion and rationale and be genuinely creative! This is devoid of instinct. I guess, in short, what I’m trying to articulate is that we can pursue Truth (with a capital T). It is a real thing and it is out there for the discovery.”