Do Libras Have A Hard Time Making Up Their Minds?


If there is one thing I remember from Economics, it is the concept of opportunity costs, which is the next best option missed or given up when a decision is made between two possible choices. We all feel this when we are shopping for clothes and can’t decide what to buy: between a t-shirt or a hat because we only have ten dollars to spend. There may be individuals who won’t buy anything at all because it is just too hard to choose. Those people may be Libras?
Born between September and October, Libras are represented by “scales:” the balance of life and beauty of the world. According to every zodiac book and online website I was able to find, Libras are often easygoing, stylish, and talkative. But, what many people may not know is that they have a reputation for not being able to make up their minds. This can be the reason why they are sometimes seen as self-indulgent and at times hesitant. Their indecisiveness may be accounted for in the representative symbol.
A famous Libra is Will Smith (born on September 25) who’s been headstrong and motivational throughout his career. He was once quoted saying, “You just decide what it’s gonna be, who you’re gonna be, you just decide. And then from that point the universe is going to get out of your way.”
I know that what he said sounds like the exact opposite of Libra indecisiveness. When Will Smith was younger, he fell in love with being a rapper. This prompted him to not go to college after highschool. Dedicated in his passion, Smith got into the music business, which led him to having a successful television series: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Eventually, the rapper discovered a new passion, which was being an actor. The next decade of his life was consumed with major roles: Men In Black, Hancock, I Am Legend. Thus proving that his acting never kept him from his music. Mr. Smith found a way to do both: a Libra trait to never choosing one job exclusively over another.
According to, Libras tend to be extravagant and may spend more than they should. This can be considered a negative trait as hinted in the article, “Lastly, they love to spend and to live life extravagantly. This may lead to minor financial troubles. The male can become an irreparable gambler while the female may degenerate into a jealous social spendthrift.”
While this may be true, there is no denying that Libras do not at least weigh the contrasting sides of spending or gambling. They are the ones who possess the “scales of justice” and constantly see different points of view. Without some hesitation and different sides, we all would make bad decisions. So, the next time a brand new pair of Jordan’s is on the market or a designer bag is at the mall, try to think like a Libra before spending some cash.