Becoming: Michelle Obama


On May 6, Netflix dropped a new documentary: “Becoming: Michelle Obama,” which is about the former first lady, Michelle Obama, opening up about her life in the White House and what she thinks about what’s happening now. In talking about her time in the White House, Mrs. Obama spoke of how she struggled in the spotlight as a former First Lady.
She also told of her childhood in Chicago. Mrs Obama also mentioned how important it is for girls to have an education and for the next generation to get involved in politics. “Becoming : Michelle Obama” is an amazing documentary that is really inspirational and uplifting.
The documentary is based on Michelle Obama’s best selling book by the same name and produced by the Obama Entertainment Company. Viewers learn that Michelle Obama’s leadership style consists of her being self expressive and unafraid to show her vulnerability.
Everything that Michelle Obama does is interesting. I enjoyed this documentary. It gave a rare and up close look at the former First Lady’s life. It was absolutely phenomenal and heartwarming.