Charli XCX


On May 15, Charli XCX released her album “How I’m feeling now” captures the frustrations and pleasures of confinement with a feisty attitude. Her spirits are high even when she feels low. This is Charli XCX’s fourth album. This album includes eleven songs.
In this album, she reflects on how she’s doing during quarantine. Charli XCX released two music videos of her songs from the album before releasing the album. She released music videos of the song “Claws” and “Forever.” I would rate this album 7/10.
Charli XCX has been known for upbeat songs with sombre lyrics. In this album, she expresses how being quarantined is having an affect on her mental health. With songs like “I Finally Understand” and “C2.0,” she reveals how she is very fragile.
The album also has some classic uplifting songs such as “Pink Diamond” and “Claws.”
I thought this album was great to listen to during quarantine.