An Unfortuante Season for Track and Field


March 13, 2020 was the last day Golden Valley High was open for students to learn in person, due to COVID-19. The Track and Field season had just started, but had to be canceled. Many were let down because of a lost season. “As a coach, I was left devastated. We as a program had worked so hard to reach a status level of respectability that we all strived for, and the possibility to capitalize on that throughout the entire season was taken from us,” is what Head Coach Lonnie Davis had to say about how the season ended.

This was going to be the final year of Track and Field for the seniors. Coach Lonnie thanked them for their commitment to the program. “I also advised them to try to stay in shape as best as they can with the possibility to secure certain school records or personal records if they’re given the opportunity to compete this summer.” When asked what the coach thought would see from the Golden Valley track team next year is to once again be one of the elite teams in the division and the state. They hope to win a championship, but overall they want to have the opportunity to compete next year.

“I felt dejected because as a team we’ve worked so hard and put in so much work just for all of it to come to an end. It made me feel bad especially for the seniors because they had so much potential and worked so hard,” said Baylee Walker, a freshman on the Track team. This was going to be her first year competing on the Golden Valley Track and Field team.

Antonio Abrego is an eleventh grader on the Varsity team.`He stated that he was sad, but was also that he accepted the situation. “All the hard work that we had been putting in during the offseason had us ready to show out this year and make a statement. I really feel for the seniors and I am sad they could not get one more season, but I know that we all put our best foot forward next year and represent them.” As a senior next year, he is expected to take on a bigger role of leadership by not only improving himself, but also through helping his teammates improve. “I want to set an example of a successful student athlete who takes care of business in the class and on the track.” He believes that as a team they have a lot of potential with high goals.

Winning the league, the CIF division, and the State are possible for both the girls and the boys teams. “One positive thing that has come out of all this is that the recruiting process has started early. With the season being cancelled, it’s allowed for college coaches to start reaching out through emails, letters, and phone calls.” Even though the season was canceled, Antonio was fortunate enough to run in a few races with some big PR’s before the season was canceled. What Antonio wants for next year’s season is to make a lasting impact in Santa Clarita Valley and to have a season that many are going to remember.

“I was getting really good at what I was doing, I just hit 51 feet in shot put from a half spin and I know I was going to progress and get better at the sport,” said Darnell Musgrove. He wanted this track season to be better than how his football season went, because of how the season ended in October. Darnell Musgrove is one of the few seniors on the Track and Field team. He felt frustrated about the season ending like it did. Darnell will continue to participate in Track and Field in the future.

Even though this 2020 season was canceled, we can expect to see great things from the Golden Valley Track and Field team next year, with the help of Coach Lonnie Davis.