ASB Senior Spirit Week

ASB has been working countless hours, long and hard, putting in their best efforts to keep the student body’s spirits up. With the unprecedented times this virus presents, ASB has tried to bring the positivity of what were formerly on-campus activities to the online and virtual world. It’s unfortunate for the Class of 2021, as this is not how they pictured their senior year progressing. To compensate, ASB offered a virtual Senior Spirit Week to raise the spirits of seniors, along with getting some class hype in knowing that ASB wants to do as much as possible to highlight them! Here is a recap of ASB’s first ever virtual Senior Spirit Week.
Golden Valley’s ASB Class of ‘21 Senior Team created a brand new spirit week to specifically highlight the senior class. With creating a never been done before spirit week, along with the circumstances of everything being online, the Senior Team worked to reach out to our Gen Z class and let them know their year will not be forgotten.
According to Mariah Garcia, Senior Class President and one of GV’s star soccer players, “The thought process was a struggle, but also fun at the same time because [they] wanted to create spirit days that included all groups around campus.” Their main goal was to do their best with the situation they were given to support seniors to keep them positive. ASB continues to strive towards creating exciting events that allow for students to connect virtually to make this an unforgettable experience.
From August 24th to the 28th, ASB hosted “Welcome Back Senior Week” on its instagram account, @gvhsasb, with positivity, prizes, and the help of seniors! To start the week, ASB offered the Ultime Gen Z Kahoot testing seniors’ knowledge of pop culture and trends inciting the competitive side of the seniors.
On TikTok Trend Tuesday, they made sure to incorporate the trendiest app this year, TikTok because almost every single teenager has it on their phones. Seniors showed off their knowledge of favorite trends, old and new. Wednesday was filled with memories as Instagram Story timelines were rolling with photos of seniors side by side as babies and how they look now. After taking a trip down memory lane, Thursday was for Quarantine Creations, which allowed seniors to show off something they learned over quarantine to share with the rest of our campus! To end the week on a happy, musical note, seniors posted their favorite songs on their stories of every kind of genre showing just how beautifully diverse the Class of 2021 is.
Although this may not be how the seniors expected their last year of high school to go, they were given new opportunities to create memories like never before. ASB attempted and succeeded in creating different yet creative experiences that allowed for students to participate in something that gave them a semblance of being on campus. Under the current circumstances, ASB has done an outstanding job making the most of this unique situation to create memories.