Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is not an easy job. It is not for everyone. Only those who are willing to push themselves will succeed in this branch of the United States military, which is tasked with coastal defense as well as search and rescue. The Coast Guard offers amazing benefits and provides amazing places to which people can travel without cost. In the Guard, a person can choose whatever job he or she feels most comfortable doing as long as he or she is qualified.
The benefits when one joins the Coast Guard are extraordinary including: healthcare, dental, and vision, and college tuition. Paying for college is another benefit for those who want to attend college, but may not be able to afford it.
Not only are the benefits substantial, but those who are accepted into the Guard are able to choose from a diverse array of jobs. The opportunities range from being an aviation maintenance technician to being a storekeeper. So if someone feels comfortable to work on planes, they should apply to work on planes. If a person feels comfortable being a storekeeper, he or she should go for it as well. The Coast Guard is the way to go if someone is seeking to create his or her own future.