What Makes a Firefighter a Firefighter


Firefighters must be dedicated to their work, be self motivated, and be consistently seeking to become better at doing their job according to Firefighter Rodner.
Firefighter Rodner went on to say that a good firefighter must have the right attitude; they have to demonstrate they care about their job and that they’re passionate about it. Good firefighters need to be strong willed and dedicated to be able to do the job that is required of them. They have to be able to express their feelings after a hard call because they have to improve and have to know they did all that they could in that situation, which makes dealing with tragic circumstances a bit easier, especially if it was a call that involved a child or the passing of the victim.
An open mind is a critical asset for a firefighter because they have to be willing to learn from their mistakes and from others and they have to be able to take criticism to improve as a firefighter. According to Captain Arnold, a firefighter also has to take initiative, pay attention to detail, be a good problem solver, and be safety minded on calls. All in all, according to Captain Arnold, what makes a firefighter a firefighter is the desire to not give up.