Unity of Community Wellness Week November 9-13th

Unity of Community Wellness Week November 9-13th

As we enter the month of November, our students, families, staff and community deeply grieve the one-year mark of the Saugus tragedy. Our individual memories of the day’s events will forever be imprinted in our brains. Our hearts feel deep sorrow and emotional pain for the lives we lost and the trauma experienced. As our community continues to grieve the devastating act that occurred November 14, 2019, the Hart District recognizes the many acts of bravery, heroism, and resilience demonstrated. Our community is quite extraordinary in its ability to unite and join in solidarity to support all those affected.

On this year’s remembrance, we will focus on the many acts of gratitude, resilience, unification and strength that we have observed first-hand. We share our deepest gratitude to all of you who played an intricate role in supporting the emotional healing and mental health of lives affected. We truly thank you for uniting with us and supporting us along the road to healing.

We recognize that mental wellness is vital and supports us throughout our path to healing. The week of November 9th, Hart District will take part in recognizing the importance of mental health and wellness. Each school will engage in “Unity of Community Wellness Week”. This week is dedicated to recognizing the importance of cultivating positive relationships, expressing gratitude, unifying as a community and supporting one another throughout the journey to wellness.

Each day, there will be wellness activities open to all. The schedule of activities will be posted to the Hart District website, each school’s website as well as the Hart District YouTube Channel. As always, our top priority is the safety and well-being of each of our students. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. It’s important for you to know that support and help is available throughout our schools. Please reach out to your school’s counselors, therapists and social workers. The Hart District Wellness website is full of resources on mental health and wellness, stress, anxiety, grief, suicide prevention, trauma recovery, and self-care.
Hart District Wellness Website

If you are concerned about your teen or feel he or she needs additional support, and you would like to speak with a social worker, please reach out to our District Warm-Line. For students looking for more support and wanting to speak with someone from the District about any stress or anxiety being experienced, the Wellness Warm-Line is available. The Wellness Warm-Line is a non-emergency resource for all Hart School District students seeking emotional support as a result of the “stay at home” order and isolation caused by distance learning. The Wellness-Warm-Line’s goal is to provide support prior to a mental health crisis. Callers share concerns about stress, anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationship issues, panic, corona blues or are just having a bad day and need to talk to someone.

You may access support from the Wellness Warm-Line during school days (Monday through Friday 8am-3pm. You will receive a return phone-call within the school day. If accessed during after-hours, you may contact the CA Peer-Run Warm-Line- 855-845-7415. If you know someone who needs immediate help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741.
Wellness Warm-line Request- For any student who is feeling stressed, overwhelmed or feelings of sadness and in need to talk one-on-one to a school social worker
Reach out. We understand that this school year has brought many challenges and hardships for many. We understand that some are struggling and need additional support. We are here for you and we can get through this.
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