Track and Field: How Will The Meet Take Place During The Coronavirus?


Golden Valley High School track team started this year with social distancing. The staff and athletes are working in 6 separate pods which were implemented by the school to follow CDC/WHO guidelines. Before the athletes are cleared for practice, they have to complete a “daily admission check-in,” which consists of questions to see whether they have any Covid-19 symptoms. Staff and athletes have to follow the CDC guidelines by wearing face masks properly whenever they are around people. The CDC guidelines also consisted of self quarantine and staying away from large crowds as much as possible. Athletes are required to attend all of the zoom meetings (virtual classroom) so that the coaches can communicate what they will be doing at practice. The coaches inform everyone how to take care of their bodies and give daily reminders and warm-up questions regarding meetings.
The coaches and athletes are hoping to compete in school events and participate in track meets by March 2021, unless another outbreak occurs. Everyone who is involved in sports is taking the proper precautions for hygiene so that we can keep everyone around us safe.
Both Colleges and High Schools around the country are postponing and canceling events and seasons due to the coronavirus. The NCAA has suspended in-person reuniting for future college athletes until the very beginning of 2021.
Honestly, no one knows how everything will take place during 2021, but everyone is hopeful that everything will go as planned and all of the student-athletes stay healthy by taking precautionary action indoors and outdoors so that students and the community are protected.