Updates on Movie Releases


The pandemic has closed movie theaters, delayed movie release times, and sent some movies straight to streaming services. Here are updates on some of the movies that were planned to be released this year.
This Pixar movie, directed by Pete Docter, centers around a middle school band teacher named Joe Gardner. After accidentally finding himself in The Great Before, a place where souls develop their personalities and interests before being born, he has to try to get back to his life on earth. Along his journey, he discovers what it means to have a soul. This movie was originally planned to be released in theaters on June 19, but is now going to be released exclusively on Disney Plus on Christmas day.
Black Widow
The next installment in the Marvel movie franchise was going to be released on May 1, 2020, but has now been delayed a full year and is planned to debut on May 7, 2021. This movie stars Scarlet Johansson, Florence Pugh, and David Harbor, and was directed by Cate Shortland. Pushing back the release date of this movie means that other Marvel movies will be pushed back as well.
Wonder Woman 1984
When the pandemic first hit, Warner Bros announced that their sequel to Wonder Woman would be released in theaters on August 14, instead of it’s original June date. As it became clear that the majority of theaters would still not be open by August, they pushed the movie back until October and eventually to Christmas. As of now, the movie will be released both in theaters (where available) and on HBO Max on December 25.
No Time to Die
The next James Bond movie, and the last one that will star Daniel Craig, was originally going to be released on April 2. The movie had already experienced some difficulties before Covid-19, losing its first director and changing its release date twice. In March, it was delayed to November, but now the movie is slated to be released in April of 2021.
A Quiet Place II
Part two of this thriller was going to be released on March 20, only a few days after the Pandemic hit. At the beginning of quarantine, Paramount announced that the movie would be pushed back to an unknown date. This movie, starring Emily Blunt and directed by John Krasinski, has now been pushed back to April 23, 2021.
The new movie adaptation of the book Dune, starring Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, and many others, was going to be released on December 21 of this year. In October, it was announced that the movie would be pushed back to October 21, 2021, taking the spot where Warner Bros new Batman movie was scheduled to be released.
In the Heights
This is a movie adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Hudes’ Tony-winning musical. It stars Anthony Ramos, known for his dual rolls as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in Broadway’s Hamilton. This movie was going to be released in June of this Summer, but has now been pushed back to June 18, 2021.