What School Could Look Like if we Go Back Next Semester


Although classes were all online this semester, there is a possibility that students could return to campus in the Spring. At first, students will have to stick to a hybrid schedule where they will only be able to have in person school two days a week. Students also have a few other options from which they could choose to accommodate their specific circumstances and comfort level.
In an email sent on October 26, Mr. Frias asked parents and guardians to choose one of three educational opportunities for their children should schools reopen. The first option was blended learning, where students will be assigned to a cohort and will have in person schooling for two days a week, with online learning on the other three. The second option was all online learning. With this option, students would still be assigned to a cohort, but would attend school completely in an online format. The third option given to students was independent study. This option allows students to participate in an independent study program offered by the Learning Post Academy using Apex.
Parents were asked to decide in which learning format they wanted their children to participate by no later than November 13th. Although it is still not clear when or if students will get to go back to school, the district now has the information they need to best prepare if that day comes.
If students are able to return to in person school, a school day will look a little different than it used to pre-Covid. Before students arrive on campus, they will have to fill out a survey making sure they have not experienced any Covid-19 symptoms. This will most likely include taking the student’s temperature at home every morning before they leave. While at school, students will have to wear masks throughout the day and maintain social distancing guidelines. Classrooms will be filled to about half capacity in order to ensure six feet of space between every person. One cohort will go to school on Mondays and Tuesdays, while the other will go on Thursdays and Fridays. No students will be at school on Wednesdays.
It is important to note that this plan is not set in stone and could change as the pandemic develops. School administrators are currently doing their best to plan and prepare for a day when students could return to campus safely. Many students hope that day will be soon.