Theater Query: Frankenstein

This fall semester, the GVHS Theatre Department presented Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” as a radio show which was aired November 13th, a perfect relief to this semester’s stress out of the classroom.
Grant Witkop, a senior at GV, who played “The Creature” agreed to answer a few questions about the play.

In your own words what is the Frankenstien show about?
“The Frankenstein show loosely follows the book, but in my words, I believe the show is about a man who wants to do something more in the world, but his own hubris and interests get the better of him when he creates something bigger than himself both literally and figuratively. The [other] plot, with the creature, follows a broken man who only seeks love while consistently being turned down causing him to act out in fits of rage wreaking havoc along the way.”
Any specific places in the show that you’ve enjoyed the most? (because it was funny, sad, etc)
“I really enjoyed [recording] a certain scene between Victor Frankenstein played by Andrew Cunado, who did a marvelous job, and me. In this specific scene, my character, The Creature, confronts Frankenstein after having realized a horrible truth. And, to not spoil, I will just say my character begins to feel this rage that pretty much ends with me screaming in rage. Our sound designer and editor Samuel Kinsella, an alumni, added such effects to really add the monster side to my voice making it one of my favorite scenes.”
How do you think the show was overall?
“To be completely honest, I was worried to begin with when I heard we would not be acting on a stage, but with the care of the cast and the recording sessions there was a huge spur of fun and new experiences that made this show one of the best productions by our theatre department! Luckily, we adapted to these hard times and pushed through and were able to deliver a full show that we are all really proud of!
Even though they didn’t get to perform in person like usual they’ve found a way to adapt through these conditions, after all, the drama department is there to show off the students amazing talents.”