Competitive Card Games

Competitive Card Games

A lot of people remember card games fondly. Whether it’s playing them on the playground during recess or begging parents to open packs at Walmart. People tend to have a fond memory of trading card games. But what people probably don’t realize is that these card games have an extensive competitive environment. People travel all over the world in order to participate in tournaments. Because of covid these competitions have moved online.

These people as they become accomplished at these card games then want to compete and test their skills for fun and even sometimes for money.

Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the most popular games in the genre. Being one of the so called “top 3” between it, Magic The Gathering, and Pokemon. Yugioh is a game based around summoning monsters and using spell/trap cards to get the opponent’s life points to zero. A seemingly simple game at first, but with over 10,000 cards in the legal card pool and all with unique effects a player is unlikely to ever play the same game twice.

Over this past weekend a giant 208 man Yu-Gi-Oh tournament was held for a first place prize of $2000 and a second place prize of $1000. This tournament was the Luxury Championship Series 9 and was held completely online due to covid restrictions. The tournament, even though it was held without the use of physical cards, ended up being very successful and even garnered a large online viewership since players could enter the rooms and watch the games as they were being played. This tournament was also a success on social media; it was streamed live on twitch and several viral Youtube videos have been made talking about the tournament and the decks that made it to the top.

Overall, people tend to imagine card games as something only children do as a pastime. But with tournaments being held and it being good way to sharpen mind while playing with and finding new friends, it might just be the perfect hobby to pick up during this pandemic.