The Course They’ve Walked


Although this years season did not differ much from the last individual improvements have been made. “Practicing looks different for everyone on the team…” said Coach Moskal, “We have girls that practice on something very specific like a certain distant shot with one club or learning the basic mechanics of golf.” whether they have been on the team all four years or it is their first year, the goal is simply to improve. These girls do not go out and expect to win, they expect to see their practice working.
Jasmine Reblando, a junior at Golden Valley, individually made CIF for girl’s golf. “I kept a level head, I relaxed instead of being timid and tense compared to previous seasons.” Jasmine says “I am set apart because I play safe and think deeply before putting into action.”
Samantha McCray was interviewed about the girls golf team and their season thus far. Their season began on August 26th and ended on October 16th, but how does this season differ from last season? The team placed 4th in the league and has become “a wild card to move onto playoffs,” says McCray. Their first winning match was against Alemany at El Cariso golf course in Sylmar, although it was not a league match. McCray replied, “We have won around 2-3 matches, but none of them were league.” Samantha said, “Most of us have improved individually, which means our team has slightly improved.” As of now, the team has had 4 league matches, but there are 8 total. Their victories so far have been won before league.
Their season has come to an end and although they did not keep track of how many matches they won, they had a set score they were to hit or shoot below. Even though they may not have hit those scores, they had individually improved.