Mr. Williamson


Gary Williamson is a science teacher at Golden Valley High School. This year he is teaching Advanced Placement Biology and Biology. He also coaches the Girls and Boys golf team. Last year, while celebrating GV’s fifteenth birthday, Mr. Williamson was nominated among the students to wear a quinceanera dress to celebrate the occasion, marking him as a well-beloved GV teacher. This is his nineteenth year teaching and his sixteenth year teaching at Golden Valley.
Pictures of past fishing and hunting trips around his whiteboard and the posters from past students litter the walls of his room. Looking at the posters closely, one comes to realize that they are gifts from past students. When one looks closer at his cabinets, one cannot help but notice the jars, horns, and antlers that are held in them. Mr. Williamson was answering questions from his students about their latest lab.
According to Mr. Williamson, his favorite part of teaching is that “It is something different every day: different people and different personalities.” As for his least favorite part of teaching, he concluded, after a long pause, that it is “Probably having to deal with the apathy of students.” Nearby students chuckled at his answer as the next question was asked. Without hesitation, he stated that his favorite topic to teach is “AP Bio.”
Concerning his weekends, Mr.Williamson said that his average weekend consists of “Clean up around the house, dinner with the family, church on Sunday, and adult beverages on Friday and Saturday. Alone.” Regarding being alone, he also said that if he had to travel anywhere he would want to travel to “A deserted island in the South Pacific by myself, so I don’t have to answer any questions and be alone. Like Tom Hanks in Castaway.”
When asked about his favorite hobbies, Mr. Williamson said that his favorite hobby is “Building legos with my sons.” As for any unusual abilities he may have, he said that “I am really good at killing things,” referring to his love of hunting. This being apparent from the pictures and remains of past hunts all around his classroom.
Mr. Williamson that he would want all students to know that “Hard work will always trump intelligence.” With that final sentiment, Mr. Williamson began to help his students once more.