Mr. Patey

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Nicholas Patey is a math teacher at Golden Valley High School. He teaches Algebra II/Trigonometry, the first section of calculus provided by the College Board, Advanced Placement Calculus AB, and Personal Finance classes during periods one through six. This is his fourteenth year teaching and his eleventh year teaching at Golden Valley.
Walking into the room, the first things a person notices are his students still packing up their belongings and work being spread across the whiteboards in front of each table. Mr. Patey was answering final questions from his students. Moving toward his desk, his pictures and other displayed items become more visible: pictures of his family, past AP Calculus shirts and sweatshirts, caricature drawings, and other such items.
According to Mr. Patey, his favorite part of teaching is “…get[ting] to help others succeed and become a better version of themselves. I love math.” His love of mathematics is apparent from all of the math posters, student work on the walls, and his display of past AP Calculus projects. His least favorite part of teaching is “grading.” He started chuckling. The next question was asked. After some consideration, he said that his favorite topic to teach is “Probably teaching students how to use calculus to analyze a function. I should make a video about that.”
Concerning his free time, especially weekends, he responded, “I go to the worship service at my church, Grace Baptist, on Sundays and spend time with my family.” Smiling, he repeated: “I love the weekends.” He would love to travel to “Israel with my wife. I went there for three weeks before and would love to take her with me next time. It’s interesting to see the places talked about in the Bible.”
When asked about his favorite hobbies, he responded, “Well, being a husband and a dad limits certain hobbies I have, but one of my favorite hobbies is mountain biking. I love going up mountains and down mountains. I also like playing with RC cars.”
As for any unusual abilities he may have, Mr. Patey, looking bewildered about the nature of the question, stated: “I can talk in voices, sometimes. I’m also handy. I can fix almost anything.”
Mr. Patey said he would like all students to know “…that there is something greater than what you can see. High school students, usually, only look at what they can see.” He paused a moment and continued, “I would advise them to ask big questions and keep searching for the truth.”