Theatre Update+ “The 39 Steps” and techniques


The theater program at GVHS is currently working on its new play that will be showcased in late November: “The 39 Steps.”
The Golden Valley Theater Guild has been practicing in the theater on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3 pm to 5:30 pm using a variety of techniques to perfect their work. All of the time and effort being expended is to shape the play into the cast’s version of perfection. According to Jaiden Sanmarti, a junior actor in “The 39 Steps,” when asked whether he could describe his progress in one word, he said “linear.” To him this means: “…[I’m going] up pretty progressively. I’m learning new things as I go.”
One of the many new things they practice is called a “speed run” where they read over the script without concern for blocking,

or else, they must start the entire play over from the beginning. It’s an effective way for the actors to memorize their lines and time how long it would take to speed read all of their parts. All of these techniques and more are used in order to improve their performances.
As said by Ms. Prucha, “[With] no heart in the performance, you won’t touch the people you need to touch,” which is their main goal in the theater program.
The GVHS Theatre Guild is eager to show the school their play. Lance Libang, a senior in GV, said, “I’m excited to show what GV students can do.” This is the first report of the upcoming play, and more will follow as the year progresses and the play comes even more to shape.