GV Colorguard and Drumline Prepare to Showcase Their New Upcoming Show


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This fall, the drumline and colorguard are taking a more spooky approach to this year’s show. Their new show titled, “Vampyre,” like the name suggests will be a Halloween and vampire themed show. To get that scary vibe; however, the color guard must alter their approach. Since they are the main visuals in the show, they have to stand out with their black and red vampire outfits. “This time we aren’t allowed to smile at all during the show,” said one of the color guard captains. “We have to perform angry.” They will be popping in and out of coffins, spinning new flags, and of course rocking the new costumes.– Even Drumline has made some changes with this year being their youngest line ever. “This doesn’t hold them back though”, said Hector the drumline director. “They are all eager to learn and ready for new things.” With these changes to colorguard and a brand new drumline, there is much to expect during this fall season halftime show: the coffin props, the new color guard flags, and the new and improved drumline. They’re not just going to be playing in halftime shows either, “We’ve been scoring pretty decently at competitions lately,” said one of the drumline members. Winning a 3rd and 2nd place medal at the past competitions.