Homecoming Spirit Week

On September 23rd, 2019, homecoming spirit week commenced. For every day of the week, Grizzlies participated in Mellow Monday, Toddlers Tuesday, WYA Wednesday, Trendy Thursday, and Faceoff Friday. For this week, in particular, a type of “battle” theme is expected with each day having two options on how to participate to see which trend stands higher. Which connected to what the Homecoming rally will look like on Friday, September 27th.
Via Bella Montiforte, 12th grader, on Monday’s Stripes versus Checkers

ASB has said that the students should expect crazy and new ideas for this coming school year. Our very own ASB President Pinky Suwan and Ysa, Captain of Spirit Events along with the spirit team came up with the ideas for the days of the spirit week. They had a vision about how they wanted to see the students participate in the activities set up for each day.
ASB President Pinky stated, “Students should participate because we’ve created these to try and make school a more fun environment.” It’s really easy to participate in spirit weeks. Grab a friend or have a friend group battle each other out during the week. It gives the student body something to look forward to school the next day and bonds students together. Resulting in our campus coming together as one.
Promotion for this spirit week and more to come will be via social media and posters hanging around campus. For social media alerts you can make sure to follow @GHVSASB on Instagram.
Grizzlies look out for unique ideas ASB will be putting on to hype up the student body and unify us together. Involving yourself in these spirit events allows you to cultivate a legacy and create memories with your friends. ASB’s Katelyne Aguilar commented on how their events help connect our campus, “We all are individuals, and having many different events and opportunities to come together, help us find common ground and connect to one another.” Students of all groups are encouraged to participate in the activities they put on during the school year. This is another way Golden Valley shows how diversity is its strength and unity is its goal.