Dance, Dance, Dance!


After talking with Mrs. Pollard, the dance advisor here at Golden Valley High School, it is safe to say we should be expecting some very exciting performances in the future. In the past couple of weeks the Golden Valley Dance Team has been hard at work preparing for Football game halftime performances, rallies, creating revenue for future fundraisers and preparing for their upcoming winter showcase. For the past couple years the dance team has put on a winter showcase to display all the pieces performed throughout the football season in addition to class dances. This year’s show is promised to be one like no other, with an appearance from some of our athletics teams as well as teachers. The showcase is one of the team’s biggest fundraisers, generating revenue from both families and students. Fundraisers help provide funding for competitions, costumes, and transportation. Many competitions take place outside of Santa Clarita which can make finding methods of transportation a bit difficult. The money brought in by fundraisers also lifts stress off of both dancers and administrators when it comes to lowering the team fees. It costs roughly around $800 to join the team, which unfortunately is a price not all families can afford which makes fundraiser success largely beneficial. Our team is considered very unique compared to local high schools. Here at Golden Valley we are blessed to have a team with such amounts of cultural diversity as well as varying levels of dance background. A few of our dancers have background training at other studios while for some, this is their first experience with the art. Coached by member of the L.A. City Rockers as well as choreographer for Janet Jackson, Terry Bixler accompanied by Mel Mullenger from Cantinas Arts, the team has been working harder than ever on upcoming choreography and channeling the creativity within each individual. I think it is safe to say we are very excited to see it is to come from the dance team in the future.