Homecoming Dance

This year the homecoming dance took place on September 28 from 7-10pm in the downstairs area of Golden Valley. The theme of the dance was the year 2000s, which was the brainchild of Golden Valley ASB member Krystelle Ira. She and her team decided to call it “Y2K” which stands for “Year 2000” because they “wanted to bring back when we were kids and just be able to live the 2000s again as most of us are about to graduate and would not be able to have opportunities like this given to us.”
In ASB, there are different teams that are assigned to do different things throughout the year. For the homecoming dance, the team contained Krystelle Ira, Katelyne Aguilar, Lance Libang, Bella Allercon, and Mimi Sachoff. The team was also responsible for making posters to promote the dance and helping with set up. The homecoming dance had many activities to do including a ferris wheel, karaoke, a dance floor, and a DJ.