Girl’s Volleyball Season 2019

Girls Volleyball Season 2019

Steed, Nicholas

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019. Golden Valley girls volleyball team went up against Saugus High Schools girls volleyball. It kicked off with both teams greet one another. As they prepared into their positions, there was an intensity in the atmosphere in the gym. Golden Valley began set 1 and shortly after took the lead! However, Saugus was relentless and would not give in. Both teams keep up in a consistent amount of aggressiveness throughout the game. As the set was in play Golden Valley still portrayed a strong defensive strategy. The grizzlies fell behind Saugus. Although their spirit was still uplifted and determined. As the second set began Saugus took the lead. Mid second game it started to get intense between both teams; ball going left to right. The second set went to Saugus. The girl libero, setter, outside hitter, middle blocker and opposite hitter got ready to start the game. Boosting each other up, third set is in play starting off with brimming energy from everyone on the sidelines and especially the players. The grizzlies saved numerous balls from hitting the floor by doing digs and outstanding saves. Golden valley took the lead this time winning the set. An extra set goes into play. Saugus was not ready to lose neither was Golden Valley. The gym was full of spirit. Teams waiting for the whistle to blow. Fourth set is in play. Both teams keeping up with each other with intense game play. Golden valley fell behind and Saugus wins the 4th set. Score was 3-1. But golden valley girls varsity volleyball team will be coming back for more.


How do you feel about this season so far?

“Our season had a rough start because Coach Natalie had to resign due to health concerns at the beginning of league play. So with little time to learn the players and the system in place, we had to scramble a little. But our team is having fun and growing.”

Any highlights of the season and if so what?

“A highlight of the season for me was when our middle blocker Saliyah Ravare played an amazing game against Canyon. Obviously, I want to give credit to Saliyah, but that game showed how much Saliyah had developed from our practices with her footwork and timing. To me Saliyah is an example of how our team is translating practice and drills into skills.”

“Another highlight was the team talk after the game at Valencia. Although it was a loss our team showed a great amount of pride and support for each other early in the season. “

Any encouraging words for your team?

“Our girls volleyball from frosh to varsity have made me love to coach again. The bonding and dedication that we have on the underclassmen and the leadership and role modeling of the upperclassmen is something I hope stays in our program.”

Girls Volleyball 2019 Foothill League Recap

Our Golden Valley Girls Volleyball team has had an astonishingly, hard working 2019 season. They concluded to a 2-8 in League and Overall scored 9-14-2. Updates this month as well include there Girls Volleyball Senior Night! The girls varsity team beating canyon 3-0. Congratulations to the seniors, Jordan Nunez #12, Reinyel Leonidas #16, Amber Palomino #17, Kelsea Shea #24, Kasey Alvarez #25 and Melanie Nicholson #31 for playing an amazing last game at Golden Valley Highschool.