A Growl of Encouragement

A Growl of Encouragement

When some of us are wounded, when some of us are lost, the pain is shared. It is a palpable sensation that ebbs and flows as our hearts seek for an equilibrium that is elusive.

The events that unfolded at Saugus on Thursday November 14, 2019 have impacted all of us. This is our home. Home is supposed to feel safe. This cannot happen in Santa Clarita. It did.

I propose another thought. We can take this pain, this hurt, this feeling that defies accurate description and use it to make something better. Three years ago, a student who was then a freshman and is now a senior said that the answer to the world’s problems is “respect.” While I might redefine this as “love,” respect will suffice.

Our world is a fractured place where understanding and kindness seem to be ethereal concepts as permanent as fog. Regardless, we have the power to change the atmosphere around us. We can respect one another. We can treat each other with a heightened awareness that each of us is encumbered with onerous burdens that we cannot bear alone. We can know that our own wearisome loads can be lightened by helping others to bear theirs.

This is not as hard as it sounds.

Just a few small things can be done by each of us each day to make our lives better and the lives of those around us better as well.

Smile at each person. I know this is a trite little kindergarten sort of thing to say, but try it. Just, try it today. Smile at the people you see. True, they may wonder why you are smiling and even ponder what sort of things are going through your mind, but they will smile back. We can outwardly focus to bring inner peace. So, first on my list is to smile.

Take an instant to do something nice. Hold a door open for someone. Pick up a piece of trash. Something, no matter how small, will make a difference for someone else and even inspire more nice actions.

Be kind. The Twelfth Doctor of “Doctor Who” said this in his departing speech: “Above all be kind.” It costs nothing. It can do everything. When you have a choice, be kind. say kind things. Do kind things. It is not an earned action. No one earns your kindness and maybe nobody deserves your kindness, but that is not the point. This is not about what any person deserves. It is about who you are. So, if you can be anything, be kind.

A few things? Yes, but a few things that will make you happier.

If you forget all the rest, please remember this one last thing.

Be kind!