To Band or Not to Band


Four months into season, the Golden Valley Band and Color Gaurd buzzes with anticipation with the upcoming competitions. Roger Brooks, head director, stated that the season is going, “So far so good! Things are going really well.”
Starting out slow, the band began its preparation with three band camps that started in June and ran into August. “In total… [the band] put[s] in over 120 hours of rehearsal before the rest of the school shows up for the first day of the school year,” Brooks commented. “[And] once school starts we have daily rehearsals at 7:00 am as well as Wednesday nights and some Saturdays to put the show together.”
Band President and musician, Erik Rozi, discussed the progression of the band as a whole, noting that, “The season is looking super good. The band is putting in commitment that I haven’t seen before, and they continuously keep on improving. So, I know we will do amazing.”
The show, titled, “Vampyre: The Curse of the Blood Moon,” tells the story of the vampire coven coming out of their coffins and wreaking havoc upon people. During the show, a band member is “taken” by the vampyre leader and bitten. He then takes the “walk of death” on top of the coffin before being placed in a coffin himself. “The show ends with all of the coffins being filled with band members who we assume will become part of the coven,” added Brooks.
When asked why the specific theme of vampires was chosen, Erik remarked, “Honesty, the theme was chosen because vampires are pretty cool. It fit with the ominous music we chose and really brings the show together.”
Mr. Brooks responded, “I liked the music and… the imagery when I listened to the music. I could sort of see… the vampire-y theme… and the kids like dark shows.”
This year’s band is competing in the 3A division, meaning that there are between 71 and 90 musicians in the band. The top competitor in the 3A division is Valencia High School. Mr. Brooks explained the difference between performances during football games and competitions. “Competitions are being judged by professionals who are experts in their field, so their opinions are very important, and they give us a score as to how we place. At a football [game], we’re just being judged by parents, family, and friends [so]… it’s more about entertaining the audience versus trying to get a score.”
Additionally, Mr. Brooks and Erik commented on the point of competitions. Mr. Brooks said, “It’s really motivational, you know, and the kids really enjoy the… the challenge of trying to do better and better each year and each competition.”
Erik replied, “I think the point of competitions is to put on an amazing show for the audience and to wow them, while also creating an environment where the band pushes itself to do better to win.”
With all the hard work of the GV band and color guard, they are bound to get high scores in their performance. So, be sure to go to football games and competitions alike to support the band. They promise to put on a great show.