Golden Valley High School Cafeteria


Steed, Nicholas

Our cafeteria serves about 750 students for breakfast and lunch each day. This includes a range of different dishes coming from multiple ethnicities involving the majority of us to connect with and enjoy every week! Despite having some students who don’t receive free or reduced lunch, our cafeteria workers will never deny anyone something to eat when they are hungry. With fresh ingredients, there are plenty of handmade pizzas, salads, and fruit yogurts that are made with the caring hands of our cafeteria crew.
Table of Contents
~ Preparation ~ Top Dishes
~ Q&A cafeteria workers ~ Q&A Students
~ What’s to Come!
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Sodexo is the company in whom we work with to get in healthy, fresh and frozen produce.

Fruits and vegetables are sent fresh to our cooks and are cleaned and chopped up into salads, yogurts, and other main dishes.

~ Sodexo is the company in whom we work with to get in fresh and frozen, healthy produce.
~ Pizza dough is tossed and stretched by hand, pepperonis are also placed.
~ Pasta is mixed with other ingredients to give it a flavor students can’t get enough of.
~ Salads are put together with hand washed and pulled lettuce to create a delicious salad.
Everyday choices:
Cheese and pepperoni pizza
Chef salad
Chicken caesar wrap
Classic hamburger/cheeseburger
Crispy/regular or spicy chicken burgers
Fresh baked bread and pasta are offered daily

Q&A Cafeteria Workers
~ Cafeteria worker Rashelle is a hard worker who dedicates herself to the things she loves most. Inside and out of Golden Valley High School.
“I love going to the gym and working out. A passion of mine is learning about nutrition and preparing healthy meals for my husband and two kids.”
~Mary is up and helping our community by serving students healthy meals for 14 years. Something she likes to do is –
“I love walking, I walk every day for one hour at the park.”

What is a student’s favorite meal?
One of my favorite lunch ladies would be Rashelle, she is the first to greet us when we are getting our food. “The kids love the chicken wraps, they go fast no matter how many we make… they go fast.” – Rashell
Are you willing to expand on what you bring out as a dessert, other than cookies?

“Mainly cookies because everyone always wants the cookies… we try to stick to healthy options,” commented Rashelle but also added, it was a good idea.

What if a student is hungry but does not have free lunch and no money?

“We feed everyone, if anybody comes up to us and says their hungry, we’ll feed them.”

Our school cafeteria now has a new concept that we can use to place or unwanted food items. This cart can be known as the “Share Table,” for students can now have a chance to share their unopened food and beverages to a possible hungry student. Anyone can grab from this cart regardless of what you pay for lunch. The Share Table is for the main purposes of reducing hunger and food waste. The cart has both a top and bottom, the bottom being for milk and other cold items.
If the ingredients to come up with a healthy dessert were available, would you consider putting out a different dessert?
The cafeteria lady explained that it will be kept in mind, and are always on board with new ideas. A response of “Yeah!” towards the thought of new ingredients being put together for a new dessert.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Commenting, the lady who has worked to serve us meals every day for 14 years, loves to take long walks, Mary- “ The community part of it,” she shared the same connections as the rest of the workers for a passion towards making sure we have a healthy and well-prepared meal to eat. Along with enjoying the interactions with us, being a part of our growth is also a goal for the cafeteria.
Q&A GV Students

What do you rate the school food from 1-10?
It is not known what is being compared to the cafeteria food for this rating- 8/10.

What is your preffered or favorite dish?
10th grade student – “Chicken tenders and fries,” he likes the curly fries better than the regular cut fries.
Victor, senior –

What station do you go to?
2 out of the 3 students preferred to go to the shortest or quickest line.
“The one with the shortest line,” -GV student, this being usually the pizza and burger station- she usually gets the burgers. Wait time in line is about 5 mins.

Top 3 Favorite dishes What’s to come to
~Nachos the cafeteria!
~ Chinese Food ~Taquitos and Ramen!
~ ceasar wraps