December Edition

December Edition

Steed, Nicholas

Word of the month:
Armistice – an agreement to bring peace

Fun facts:
December in the northern hemisphere is similar to June in the southern hemisphere.
Birthstone for December is turquoise.
December 21st is the winter solstice marking the first day of winter.
Decembers first full moon ( full cold moon ) occurs december 22nd.
There’s 2 zodiacs in December sagittarius and capricorn.
December was originally the 10th month.
The birth flower for December is “Narcissus”.

Word scramble:

Top 10 activities to do during winter:
Go ice skating
See holiday lights
Build gingerbread house
Decorate home with lights
Movie marathon
Take pictures with santa
Make paper snowflakes
Make cookies
Make holiday cards
Drink hot chocolate


The beginning of the 19th century was when the first Christmas tree became popular. This is due to Prince Albert, who was German, and his wife Queen Victoria who had brought a tree on Christmas Eve in the Windsor Castle which they decorated with miniature gifts, toys, candies, and candles while each branch was ribboned along with paper chains.

Top 10 Hanukkah Songs:

10.“Sevivon Sov Sov”- Yaffa Yarkoni
9. “Ma’oz Tzur” (Rock Of Ages)- Maccabeats
8. “Ocho Kandelikas”- Pink Martini
7.“Candlelight”- Maccabeats
6.“Miracle” – Matisyahu
5. “The Latke Song”- Debbie Friedman
4. “Hanukkah Blessings”- Barenaked Ladies
3. “Pass The Candle”- Michelle Citrin
2. “I Am A Latke”- Debbie Friedman
1.“I Have A Little Dreidel” – Samuel S. Grossman, Samuel E. Goldfarb

Guess The Holiday Movie [prize]:
Famous line “Keep the change, you filthy animal.”
Mother has red hair
Came out in 1990
Protects the house from burglars
Main character is named Kevin
(Answer: Home Alone)