Saugus Vigil


A sea of blue and white lights filled the air. The night sky was illuminated by thousands of people gathering in Central Park, Santa Clarita, holding up candlelights for the fallen victims from the Saugus high school shooting on November 14th, 2019.

The vigil was held on Sunday, November 12th, and families from all over the city gathered together to sing and pray for both Dominic Blackwell and Gracie Muehlberger, two students who were killed in the shooting. Three other students were injured as well, but authorities state that they are recovering in stable condition.

During the vigil, friends and family members of both Dominic and Gracie spoke to the thousands of community members in front of them. This included Riley Muehlberger, Gracie’s older brother, who spoke a few words.

Angie Davidson, Dominic Blackwell’s aunt, spoke a few words as well, surrounded by her mourning family in support.

The rest of the night included prayers from local pastors as well as songs about hope, played for the survivors.

The thousands of families that came together showed the resilience of the Santa Clarita community, and how the support of one another allows the community to get through such tough times.

It was declared that Saugus High School would remain closed until December 2nd, and the rest of the WIlliam S. Hart school district schools would resume on Monday, November 18th.