Bosie, Idaho’s population increased 26.3% in the last year. Californians are fleeing to the northwestern state according to Maria Ganga of LATimes.com due to the high cost of living, natural disasters, and homeless problems. 


IdahoStatement.com’s John Sowell stated that the northwestern state has not welcomed Californians with open arms. The City of Boise on November 5, 2019 had their mayoral election with Candidate Wayne Richey (Nonpartisan) running on a simple platform: Stop California invasion. 


Richey said “ [he would spend] $26 billion on a wall,” responded to a question “What would he do if he were king to improve Boise?” to make the city less attractive to newcomers and secure the state borders according to Idaho Statement November 6, 2019. 


The city has reported investing in 1,000 new housing units each year for the next decade of an already 228,000 population reported by LATimes.com.


“I know that you can’t stop growth, but what are we going to do about our quality of life here?” asked Yvette Zoe, who moved to Boise in 1972. “My kids, they can’t buy a house because they can’t afford it right now, and they work. My grandkids, their schools are crowded.” Already residents are worried for their own benefits could be snatched from having to work 40 hours a day. The new residents are blamed for pushing home prices and rents so high that Boiseans cannot afford to live in their home state by TheOregonlive.com November 12, 2019. 


 Patrick Sissons reported in Curbed.com on October 22, 2019 that middle class families are the result of the decline of population in California. Wealthier and older residents had a reason to stay. 


Rick Hulbert a retired chiropractor in Boise has given his statement, “Well, I don’t know if you could stop ‘em,” concerning Californians moving across to the northwest reported by Maria Ganga LAtimes.com.