Are Aries Competitive?


When it comes to family game night or playing a game of cards with a best friend, we all know the feeling of losing as much as we do winning. For Aries though, is it true that with any game or bet that is thrown at them has to end in victory? Being the 1st sign of the zodiac, Aries are known to be spontaneous and have a whole lot of energy. They are the ones who take liberty with their leadership skills after all. Just think of that person who is down to eat something exotic or accepts dares no matter how eccentric. That individual is most likely born between March and April with a love for challenges. Don’t get me wrong I love to win at games too. For fireheads though, a game of Battleship can mean global domination. When the stakes are high, so are their ambitions.
If you were to look at definitions about Aries you would find that a common trait is that they are guess what…competitive.
Famous Aries like Vincent Van Gogh, Harry Houdini, and Victoria Beckham knew their competitive side and used it to their advantage. When Beckham started her beauty brand in 2019 she stated, “We aim high and will continue to chase the best for ourselves and our community.”
There are other astrological signs that get into competition such as Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn. But rams are driven towards success putting them at the top of the list. Now I know that there are those who are skeptics when it’s about astrology. They may not believe in what is said about their sign and think it doesn’t resonate with them.
A fellow senior and close friend Casey Wheeler (born on April 13) said, “I’m not competitive in a super extreme way. But I think that I still am and that it was how I was raised. I have always been that way.” However, while she and other rams may not have a love for competition that doesn’t mean they don’t like it. This could be the reason why she joined the swim team and continues to try her very best.
It goes to show that Aries or not, we all have a competitive side. It can be getting into a top college or placing bets for the Super-Bowl. Deep down every one of us wants to do something that seems impossible whether it’s going after a dream job or even finishing a marathon.
Even if some Aries’s deny it, they do have a yearning for competition. No one can not stop them from exploring their limits and stretching their driven spirit. It is best to encourage it, just not when it’s dangerous like cliff-diving or playing another grueling round of paintball. Remember that whenever a class project requires to partner up, find an Aries!