Mrs. Varela


Amy Varela is a history teacher at Golden Valley High School. She teaches Advanced Placement World History and United States History. This is her twenty-third year teaching and her third year at Golden Valley.
When walking into Mrs. Varela’s room, one cannot help but notice the conglomeration of posters that cover the walls around her desk. These range from movie posters, large sticker quotes, to UCLA merchandise. The most noticeable thing about her classroom is the number of posters seeking to motivate students and the number seeking to help students find specifics about historical events.
According to Mrs. Varela, her favorite part of teaching is “…interacting with students, but I also love telling stories,” she chuckled ironically to herself before continuing. “So teaching history, you get to tell lots of stories.” After a huff of thought, she concluded that her least favorite part of teaching is “Students that lie. I don’t like lying. I mean, I’m okay if you don’t do something, but don’t lie about it.” As for her favorite topic to teach, she conspiratorially replied “No offense to my sophomores, but U.S. History: Civil War.”
Concerning her weekends, Mrs. Varela explains, “Usually, I play with my dogs, so we go on long walks. I can’t go during the week because I’m too tired. And then my husband and I, we really like to go on drives to the beach or just anywhere. He has a convertible so it’s kind of nice when the weather’s nice. My favorite thing would be to go somewhere, usually involving a meal, so like out to breakfast, out to dinner, out to lunch.” In regards to travel, she explained, with a smile and a laugh, how she went to Europe when she graduated high school, but she would love to travel to “…those parts of Europe that I haven’t been to, but I also want to go where the water is clear, so like Fiji.”
When asked about her favorite hobbies, she laughed as she asked, “I’m not gonna lie, is watching TV a hobby? Because, I love watching TV. I like to read, so I can sound academic, but I really do love watching movies.”
She took a moment to contemplate any unusual abilities that she may have before simply stating, “I can roll my tongue.”
Mrs. Varela said that she would like to tell the student body: “To stick with it. I know that things are really stressful sometimes in people’s lives, whether its academics or social stuff, but just keep pushing, keep pushing through. It does get better.”