Do Tauruses Have a Food Obsession?


I’m pretty sure no one would believe that 7 out of 10 high school students midnight-snack. But what if they were Tauruses? The second of the zodiac to be born from April to May, they are grounded and not a force to be messed with. They have been branded as the most gluttonous sign, hankering for all things sweet and salty (sometimes spicy). Apparently, giving them a chocolate bar or a bag of Takis can make them your friend forever. I believe that that stereotype is far from the truth.
Just like the phrase, “You are what you eat.” may be taken into serious consideration but what it doesn’t say is we are how much we eat. I have yet to find an obsession based on food which is probably because there simply isn’t one. Obsession and craving are two completely different subjects. What Taursus have are cravings; like thinking about cold pizza in the morning, iced tea on a hot day, those kinds of ones.
Despite being on the stubborn side, Tauruses do know what’s up when it comes to grub. If you want Chinese food, they got you. If you have a sweet tooth, they’ll find you a recipe. However, we can all search on Google for that or just ask a different source.
I can vaguely understand why there are those who put Taursus’s and food together. It would be because their resilience with earth. This means that all things nature can put a smile on their face, especially what grows in the ground. {Delicacies such as soil covered carrots ranging down to grains of oats.} But because Tauruses are bulls, it does not mean all of them eat like bulls. When I asked a fellow senior, Michael Zuluaga (born on April 24) he said, “I do love food, I am not exactly obsessed with it. I will be upset if someone takes my food, but I won’t be too stingy about it.”
If I am being honest, I don’t think it’s a crime to crave tacos and a hot fudge sundae at any random time of the day. It sounds delicious right? I don’t believe that Tauruses are obsessed with food because we all love food and have different metabolisms, lifestyles, etc. Next time we are eating with a bull don’t judge him or her. Let a Taurus get a whole thing of pizza if they want, they might share it with us!