Selena Gomez’s third solo album “Rare” came out January 10, 2020. Selena really showed her emotions in this album’s 13 original songs.

When Gomez shared the ballad “Lose You to Love Me” which aired independently last fall, it seemed like the work she put into her physical and emotional wellness had clicked. The song looks at the ways she lost herself in a relationship and solemnly promised to never make that mistake again. Selena showed the same emotional openness in other songs such as” rare,” “cut you off,” and “vulnerable.”

”Rare” has made her number one on Artist 100 for the first time. I rate this album 7/10. I thought she re- introduced us to the real Selena Gomez. She was not afraid to show vulnerability and to explain her moods throughout her rough year. Selena made us excited to see what other things she has for us in 2020. My top 5 favorite songs of her album are 1.“Lose You to Love Me,” 2.“Rare,” 3. “Kinda Crazy,” 4.“Dance Again,” and 5. “A Sweeter Place.”

I am absolutely amazed by the work she did for this album. Selena Gomez “Rare” album is now out on spotify, itunes, and cd’s are available in local stores.